Our Business

New Harvest Investment Management is an asset management firm that manages assets on behalf of wholesale and professional investors. The firm focuses solely on Agriculture and the acquisition of Agricultural assets.

The mission of the firm is to offer investors the ability to participate in the favourable investment returns from agricultural assets, which themselves benefit from positive industry thematic’s, while diversifying exposure across both climatic and product lines. Our land bank acquisitions are managed by New Harvest Agricultural Management; NHAM, the funds pastoral operating company. This company comprises specialists from agricultural consulting businesses, multi-generational farm operators and agronomists.

Investors participate in the returns from operating income as well as from the capital appreciation of carefully selected land banks. These range from select peri-urban land holdings to vast broad acre cropping and livestock enterprises.

Investments in agriculture should be underpinned by a dual belief that Australian agricultural land is undervalued and the outlook for operating income is positive. The view of New Harvest is that Australia has very favourable conditions for the appreciation of both. With extensive free trade networks in existence throughout the Asian region, Australia is incredibly well placed to benefit from the increasing protein consuming Asian population.

The asset management team consists of fund managers with extensive trading and asset management experience from across the globe, who themselves have a deep connection with agriculture and agricultural investments.

New Harvest has a strong ESG and impact focus. We firmly believe that agriculture has a significant part to play in carbon sequestration, soil regeneration and the building and support of rural communities in Australia.