CISSY GORE-BIRCH, Board Appointee

Ms Cissy Gore-Birch is a Jaru/Kija woman with connections to Balanggarra, Nyikina and Bunuba country. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management and has worked in the Aboriginal land management and community development sectors for the past twenty years. With a strong leadership background in the Kimberley and Australia, Ms Gore Birch’s current appointments include; Chairperson, Aarnja Pty Ltd, Chairperson of the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management (NAILSMA),  former appointments held include: Chairperson, Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation (2010-2014), Director, Kimberley Land Council and Councillor, Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley. Ms Gore-Birch has been and continues to advocate for the social, cultural, environmental and economic advancement and well-being of Aboriginal people through a fair and equitable process.